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For additional info, please contact Stephan Brenneisen, Dr. phil Geograph, Hochschule Waedenswil Fachbereich Naturmanagement FACHSTELLE DACHBEGRUENUNG, Gruental, Postfach 335, CH- 8820 Waedenswil, Tel: ++41(0)1 789 99 29, Fax: ++41 (0)1 789 99 40, email:; or Nathalie Baumann, Dipl. BioGeografin, email:

This ecologically sensitive dairy farm barn has two sloped greenroofs, and the architectural concept was to integrate the building into its hilly green surroundings. Another stunning feature is the use of local hazelnut branches set into concrete as screening around the entire structure. Prior to seeding in spring 2004, the owners trialled grass and herb seeds in two 10 x 4′ models on site, each with four panels.

The Bauder greenroof system was used. The planting substrate has a depth of 8 – 12 cm and the edges have 25 cm wide gravel for drainage. An automatic watering system was used the first couple of seasons for establishment, and is now used only during extreme periods of drought. Other maintenance includes regular fertilizing and twice yearly mowing.


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