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September 29, 2016 1:53 Wallbarn M Tray Modular Green Roofing System by Wallbarn.

This Victoria Drive, Wimbledon project featured a completely new upmarket care facility in South West London.

The Victoria Drive Care Home client needed a large green roof which would comply with planning rules as well as a paved access area around the green roof and a decked terrace to be laid onto another nearby outdoor space. And as often happens with rooftop finishes, the client had a very tight deadline to complete.

As Wallbarn supplies mature M-Tray® plant modules from stock, we were able to respond quickly to the client’s demands. The sedum plants contained within each module are mature and established, and therefore provide an instant green roof.

The waterproofed deck was covered with a geotextile fabric as a protection and separation layer. The edges of the green roof were surrounded with an aluminium retaining bar to hold everything in place and give an attractive border detail.

The M-Tray® modules were supplied on pallets and fork-lifted onto the roof space. From there, they could be transported by sack truck, and then hand-carried before being slotted into place.

The superior connection clips in the M-Tray®’s® unique design mean that our trays can be installed very quickly, in this case, with all 200sqm of green roof being completed in a single day.

The client, Prestige Developments, was working to very tight deadlines. Thankfully we completed the Victoria Drive Care Home, Wimbledon project on schedule and in good time for the first residents to arrive. They now benefit from looking out onto a vibrant, living green roof.


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