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Additional Resources

Read Tim’s website that has links to his published research at the University of Georgia. His dissertation, some published articles, and two other master’s students theses on green roofs are posted there. Tim says, “Probably the easiest way to see the results of UGA’s research site.” For more information about this project, please contact Tim Carter at Learn more about Green Roof Blocks here. See the University of Georgia Boyd GS Research project profile.

The University of Georgia has a second test plot monitored by PhD student Tim Carter (graduated in Fall 2006), installed in early July 2004. Saint Louis Metalworks Company donated 500 square feet of their Green Roof Blocks to the University to conduct research. The new installation is located next to the green roof that Tim installed in October 2003 on the Science Library building. Both green roof projects are easily visible from a large glass lobby used by students, faculty, and the general public.

The large demonstration plot installation consists of over 100 Green Roof Blocks as well as 15 Green Roof Blocks to be used individually as experimental plots. The Green Roof Blocks are ideal for experimentation as they are small, mobile and allow for flexibility in experimental monitoring design. Green Roof Blocks are a self-contained, modular system that Tim and his colleagues will use to collect data on the retention of storm water, reduction in storm water pollutants, and changes in the roof?s energy budget. The installation was completed with the help of students and staff from UGA?s Warnell School of Forestry, School of Environmental Design, Institute of Ecology, and College of Biology and Agricultural Engineering. The morning was spent filling the Green Roof Blocks with growth media, inserting sedum plants, and carrying the finished blocks to the rooftop.The Green Roof Blocks are populated with five species of sedum plants growing in an engineered growth media of expanded slate and worm castings. The display plot is resting on top of the existing built up roofing system helping to demonstrate how easily Green Roof Blocks can be used to retrofit existing rooftops with a green roof.


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