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Visit the University of Cincinnati Sustainability page.

For additional information on this project contact John Martini, Landscape Architect, Planning + Design + Construction, University of Cincinnati: and (859) 652-5380; and Daniel Hart, Sustainability Coordinator, Planning + Design + Construction, University of Cincinnati: and (513) 374-1896.

Case Studies

emersion DESIGN.


January 8, 2012 Nursing’s Procter Hall to add green roof by Lance Lamber in The News Record.

“Procter Hall sits at the fulcrum of the University of Cincinnati East and West Campus. Its prominent location allows the building to function as a gateway element as well as an elegant partner to the Vontz Center. The simple block massing provides a thoughtful counterpoint to Gehry’s dynamic building. The layered, louvered façade suggests a gateway pair with the University’s Central Utility Plant.

A vegetated roof was installed to reduce storm water quantity, while improving the water quality; plus, it helps make the roof terrace a beautiful place to be.” ~ emersion DESIGN

The University of Cincinnati William Cooper Procter Hall extensive Green Roof was installed in 2011 as part of façade improvements to the building. The green roof  roof is not only physically accessible from Procter Hall, but is also visually accessible from other buildings that are in close proximity, such as University Hall and the Kingsgate Marriott Hotel and Conference Center.

The University of Cincinnati Procter Hall Green Roof plant pallete includes: Sedum spurium “Summer Glory”, Sedum sexangulare “Elatum”, Sedum rupeste “Angelina”, Sedum acre “Aureum”, Sedum spurium “Fuldaglut”, Sedum spurium “Elizabeth”, Sedum spurium “Red Carpet”, Sedum spurium “Voodoo”, Sedum cauticola “Lidakense”, Sedum cauticola “Bertram Anderson”, Sedum siedboldii “Dwarf October Daphne.”

emerson DEIGN received the AIA Cincinnati Merit Award for the University of Cincinnati Procter Hall.

The University of Cincinnati is a STARS Gold Campus, as awarded by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. The University of Cincinnati DAAP offers a 2-year Undergraduate Certificate in Green Roofs, one of the first such programs at a university in North America.


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