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Additional Resources

Visit the ufa-Fabrik Berlin website in English here, and the Greenroofs Page (in German) here. Read ‘Photovoltaic-Panels on Greened Roofs’ by Manfred K?hler, Marco Schmidt, Michael Laar, Ulrike Wachsmann, and Stephan Krauter (2002) here.

The ufa-Fabrik Berlin is an “International Center for Culture and Ecology. For decades dreams were recorded on celluloid on the grounds of the former UFA-Film Copy Center here in southern Berlin. Shortly before the planned demolition of the buildings the “second life of the ufa”, began – a one-of-a-kind European project combining living and working – the ufaFabrik Berlin, an International Center for Culture and Ecology.” The ufaFabrik?s International Cultural Center supports young modern culture and exchanges. It combines international and local cultures to create a dynamic atmosphere for active people, offering:18.566 square meter cultural oasis…for relaxation and conversation…for active recreational activities for kids, youth and adults…for civic and social engagement…for international encounters and artistic experiments …for festivals, conventions, world music, and multimedia events…for sustainable development and ecological demonstrations …for creative confections, gastronomy and hospitality.

There are now green facades and 4,000 square meters of greenroof planted with native grasses, herbs and perennials, alongside solar panels and various testing areas. A monitoring program has tracked development of the vegetation, microclimate and retention of precipitation since 1992, and greenroof research includes solar panels since 1998. An array consisting of ten 2 kWp photovoltaic panels monitors tracking the efficiency of fixed versus steered panels; the interaction between the greened roof and the photovoltaic panels (K?hler, et. al., 2002)


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