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Additional Resources

Trees Atlanta offices are located at Trees Atlanta Kendeda Center, 225 Chester Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30316; 404.522.4097. Visit the Trees Atlanta website. Learn about Green Paks in The Greenroof Directory and Green Roof Blocks here. For more info, please visit their website.

Trees Atlanta is a non-profit citizens’ group dedicated to protecting and improving our urban environment by planting and conserving trees. They educate the public about the value of trees, and are involved in tree issues in the entire metropolitan Atlanta area. “Trees Atlanta has traditionally had a heavy focus on planting trees along the sidewalks of our central business district and in spaces created in adjoining parking lots. Since 1985, we have planted over 14,000 large shade trees downtown,” (Trees Atlanta website).

The Trees Atlanta Program Operations building includes a green roof, funded by The Home Depot Foundation, with three different systems on display which demonstrates different options and approaches. In mid May, 2008, 65 Green Paks were installed by the client. Also being demonstrated: advance urban forestry technologies (soils, silva cells, root tunnels), sustainable site and building design, bio swales, 7K gal rain barrels, and more.


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