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For additional information about the project, contact Marc Hermans at or visit

The client, a real estate company, asked for a 160 m2 green roof combined with a terrace space, accessible for the personal working in the building. We made a complete project with our turnkey philosophy, and used the technical potential of our Greenskin Box solution. The client and the visitors are really happy!

Greenskin DVMH provides an universal modular platform green roof solution, compatible with all existing and future equipment such as photovoltaic modules, roof terrace finishes, plants, etc. Its integrated technical space offers additional options for easy installation of cables, irrigation hoses, etc. and for a perfect drainage of rain water. The technology is based on the principle of “dominos” with a design using the interchangeability and auto-connecting properties of the Greenskin Box ?. These elements are easily and quickly installed.

The company Greenskin DVMH, founded in 2008, is specialized in the development and commercialization of an innovative solutions of pre-assembled green roofs. Through collaboration with the Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI) and a public grant, Greenskin DVMH has worked with the SIRRIS research center to develop and patent and a new concept of ?ready to place? green roof based on industrial quality products. This system is modular and customizable according to the needs of clients and covers a wide range of applications: from simple inaccessible green roof to the luxury terrace concepts. The main activities of Greenskin DVMH are the laying of its products and the creation of ?roof gardens? through its design department.

The product consists of three industrialized elements placed following three layers, which together can implement all flat roofs up to 12 % slope:
1 an array of adjustable pedestals made of Polypropylene directly layed on any waterproof membrane;
2 a second layer consisting of a floating floor which is a light and rigid grating, made of galvanized steel or HDPE(*) depending on total load applied on the green roof;
3 Autoconnected Greenskin Box?: special modules made of HDPE(*) containing the sustrate, seeds, filter, etc. , fixed together with a simple interlocking system. It can be delivered on site pre-filled with plants.


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