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Torre Murano is located at Insurgentes Sur 2453, Mexico City, DF 01090, Mexico. See the very informative January 29, 2013 9:48 video in Spanish by Marcas Tu Proyecto Azoteas Verdes en Torre Murano on YouTube. For information about the Torre Murano Green Roof, please contact Marco A. S?nchez: or call +52 555-663-1651. For more information about Azoteas Verdes (Green Roofs Company) please visit their website:

The 27-story Torre Murano is a high end corporate high-rise with many amenities, complete with a helipad. Many different companies are located here, so the building performs multi-functional uses; however, all of them are private offices. In early 2012 not all the spaces in the building had been occupied yet, and since the building tenants have the advantage of using the spacious rooftop for social events, a new plan was formulated to help attract and retain tenants.

These two points were the key drivers for the owners to install a green roof on the open outdoor space with spectacular views of the largest urban park in Mexico City below. This way, they were able to promote the available spaces for new tenants and offer an open garden for social activities for all the building users such as a relaxing area or lunch time spot. The space can also be used for private events.

Azoteas Verdes, a Mexican company specializing in greenroofs, created a beautiful rooftop garden here. Completed on September 20, 2012, this project of 7,500 sqft was installed in 30 days. In addition to the waterproofing and root barrier layers, a special geosynthetic layer was used as the drainage system for stormwater management because the rainy season in Mexico City runs from May to October, and usually generates 8 to 15 great storms.

The soil media was designed for different types of vegetation; grasses and low maintenance vegetation such as succulents was installed. An irrigation system was necessary to keep the garden in good condition during the dry season. All the vegetation in this project are native species. Certain paved areas were designed to position fixed furniture such as tables, chairs and umbrellas to encourage lounging.


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