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For more information on the Torkam Fikirtepe Housing Project, contact Ersel Elbasioglu of Net Yapi:

Learn about Net Yapi in the Directory.

Commencing in late May, 2018, the Torkam Fikirtepe Housing Project in the Kadıköy area of Istanbul was completed in January 2021. It has 1,101 apartments, with both extensive and intensive green roofs.

Total Net Yapi Green Roof Area on the Torkam Fikirtepe Housing Project: 4000m2 (1600 m2 MaxiDrain 25 & 2400 m2 MaxiDrain 40). Also, Net Yapi is the Manufacturer/Supplier of these 4 layers: Green Roof Root Barrier, Water Retention/Protection Non Woven Geotextile, and Filter Fleece, in addition to the Inspection Chambers and Aluminum Edge Restraints.


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