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Visit the Capital One Center website, The Perch, Capital One Hall, Starr Hill Biergarten (and their official website), The Perch PuttPatricia Leighton’s Art in Bloom at Sculpture Park. For more information on The Perch or the Capital One Center, contact Meghan Trossen, Capital One Center Manager, Marketing and Community Affairs at:

Case Studies

HGA; Thornton Tomasetti; Urban Land Institute Washington; Ashton Manor Environmental (AME).


Watch the January 20, 2023 5:08 video Featured Project: The Perch at Capital One Center from on the greenroofsTV channel on YouTube; 2022 2:13 Art Program: Art Unveiled – Patricia Leighton on Capital One Center/Vimeo; May 18, 2022 2:16 Enjoy Putt Putt and Live Music at Perchfest on NBC4 Washington.


February 14, 2023 Featured Project: The Perch at Capital One Center by Linda Velazquez in; August 5, 2022 Center Stage (page 28) by Jennifer Greenawalt and Michael Cropper in Modern Steel Construction; July 12, 2022 The shockingly fun amenity on the roof of Capital One’s headquarters by Nate Berg in Fast Company; May 20, 2022 11 New and Newly Reopened Rooftop Bars for Summer Fun in DC by Anna Spiegel in Washingtonian; April 20, 2022 Capital One Hall Awarded Prestigious LEED® Gold Green Building Certification by Capital One; November 9, 2021 Hub For A Company And – Maybe – A City in BD&C; September 1, 2021 A Big New “Urban Sky Park” Is Opening in Tysons by Damar Baker in Washingtonian; August 27, 2021 PHOTOS: The Perch skypark opens above Capital One Hall by David Taube in the Tysons Reporter.

Capital One Center is a 25 acre mixed-use development in the heart of Tysons, VA, located adjacent to the McLean Metro Station. Anchored by the headquarters of Capital One, Washington DC’s hometown bank, and home to its over 10,000 associates in the region, Capital One Center is quickly transforming the skyline and the cultural landscape of Fairfax County.

This 3 million square foot development is a vibrant arts and entertainment destination which includes a large skypark, The Perch –complete with Starr Hill Biergarten, food trucks, and an 18-hole miniature golf course– plus a 300 all-suite hotel, The Watermark Hotel, numerous retail and dining options, and a corporate events and performing arts center, Capital One Hall.

Capital One Hall

Capital One Hall is a 149,000 square foot corporate events and performing arts center used for corporate meetings, live entertainment, and both public and private events. The Main Theater has 1,600 seats, while ‘The Vault’ hosts smaller events for up to 250 guests. The Atrium has soaring ceilings and an adjacent outdoor terrace. Unique to Capital One Hall is a public-private partnership between Capital One and Fairfax County to support local arts non-profit organizations through ArtsFairfax. This program also offers the support of the Capital One Hall’s marketing and production expertise to help home-grown arts organizations grow, prosper, and strengthen their mission.

Designed by HGA Architects, Capital One Hall received LEED® Gold certification in April 2022. In addition to the greenroof, the site’s water-efficient landscaping includes 16 street-side bioretentions for treating and retaining stormwater. The building’s HVAC and energy recovery systems should reduce its energy consumption by 27% compared to a comparable code-compliant building.

The flexibility of use has allowed Capital One Hall to host a variety of performances, from Broadway to comedy shows, concerts, the circus, weddings, corporate galas, and more.

The beautiful and sustainable The Perch greenroof above provides a lovely park setting where people can congregate and also acts as an integral part of Capital One Hall’s acoustics. The serrated design of the atrium ceiling, which echoes the building façade, provides deep areas suited to tree planting which also enhance the acoustics.

The Watermark Hotel

The LEED Silver Watermark Hotel is a 300 all-suite luxury hotel with oversized rooms; the chef-driven gastropub ‘Wren’ and large lobby lounge; a penthouse fitness center; and a conference and catering facility.

The Perch

The Perch is a 2.5 acre skypark soaring 11 stories in the air, serving as the roof of Capital One Hall and connected to The Watermark Hotel. The 11th floor lobby, connected to The Perch, offers sweeping views of Tysons and has a lively environment with restaurant and bar, Wren. The Perch events are programmed all year long.

Capital One worked closely with the Fairfax County Park Authority to allocate half of its park as a public park. The Perch includes Starr Hill Biergarten, an amphitheater stage, a games plaza, a sculpture garden featuring 32 Corners, a great lawn area and a dog park, and Perch Putt, an 18-hole mini golf course and food trucks.

“The building sits atop the shared loading dock and is topped by a landscaped sky park. This combination posed several structural challenges: Supporting a heavy landscaped plaza, an amphitheater and a biergarten over large open spaces below. Keeping noise and vibration from patrons on the roof and cars and trucks under the floor out of the main performance space. And merging the structural needs of a performance venue with those of a loading dock and parking garage.” ~ Thornton Tomasetti

The Perch initially opened in August 2021 with the dog park, lawn games, an amphitheater and Starr Hill Biergarten. The park’s second phase was completed in the spring of 2022, introducing the putt putt golf course and food trucks.

The Perch is a child- and dog-friendly space with picnic tables where guests are encouraged to linger by heated fire pits or play bocce ball and giant chess.

Starr Hill Biergarten

Surrounded by a large landscaped park, Starr Hill Biergarten includes over 5,000 sq. ft. of outdoor dining and lounge space. The adjacent amphitheater has lawn seating, offering a wide array of live entertainment five nights per week, Wednesday through Sunday.

Perch Putt

Perch Putt opened on May 26, 2022 and is joined by three restaurant and bar concepts housed in retro-themed vehicles: Grandpa Hank’s Jamaican Kitchen, Los Dos Carlos Street Tacos, and Rhum Roost.

The brand new course features stunning aerial views of Tysons as its impressive backdrop. In addition to mini golf, guests will find a retro Greyhound and a double decker bus that have been converted into food trucks and serve up fresh, seasonal street food as well as the colorful Rhum Roost bar with fun, inventive libations. A large collection of picnic tables ensures even big groups will have plenty of room to sit and relax, and the enticingly lively, fun-loving atmosphere invites guests to linger.

Perch Putt is closed for the season, reopening in March 2023. The beer garden is heated and open year-round.

Sculpture Park

In 2022 the Capital One Art Program commissioned environmental sculptor Patricia Leighton to create the Echo Green (all 2022), three metal cubes that support blooming vegetation at Sculpture Park at Capital One Center. The three tilted stainless steel cubes are filled with vegetation balanced atop metal frames which visually and contextually elevate nature. The living vegetation in each box is a variety of sedum and succulent plants that change with the seasons. In their location at Capital One Center, the continuously regenerating sculptures evoke themes of environmental fragility and the interdependence of nature and culture.

Columbia Green Technologies, the Vegetated Roof Manufacturer for The Perch

Columbia Green Technologies, a complete vegetated roof system provider, was the designated supplier for both The Perch and the Perch Putt Golf Course atop the prominent Capital One Center project. The project incorporated both their innovative Extensive and Intensive Vegetated Roofing assemblies throughout. Their engineered vegetated roof systems included a variety of unique and state-of-the-art components; including the drainage, filter and water retention layer to ensure proper drainage off the roof, proper air flow to the roots to ensure success, proper filtration to keep the drains clean and water retention layer to hold water and nutrients during the dryer summers.

In order to grow almost 4 acres of plants on the roof, The Perch utilized their custom lightweight growing media that reached depths upward of 4 feet in some areas. As a result, an array of native grasses, shrubs, and trees was planted throughout, creating a more biodiverse environment for this flourishing parklike habitat. The vegetated roofing system also incorporated a lightweight recycled glass foam made of 99% recycled content. This allowed the design team to meet the fire requirements imposed by Tyson, VA since the foam does not contribute to fire and is classified as Class 1 or Class A per ASTM 84 E. By utilizing the recycled glass foam, it also reduced the use of plastic on the rooftop. This is very important when designing for resiliency and sustainability.

Additionally, it is important to note two other key factors regarding this immense and incredible green roof project. The first is that the project’s installation started at the beginning of the pandemic but was completed on time due to the efforts made not only by Columbia Green Technologies, but the designers, green roof installers, and the general contractor on the project. Secondly, Columbia Green Technologies not only provided their standard warranty for the project, but to protect the owner they also provided their overburden warranty covering the cost of removing and replacing the green roof system, pavers, and pedestals in the event of a roof issue.

This has become a show stopping green roof project that the Columbia Green Technologies team knows others will want to replicate.

“The Perch has become a desirable tourist destination and visited from far and beyond those that reside in the region, and we are proud to have been able to contribute to the largest green roof accessible by the public. We continue to hope that this building model is duplicated around the globe.” ~ Vanessa Keitges, President of Columbia Green Technologies

DC’s New Elevated Hotspot

Capital One Center is thoughtfully designed to create a walkable campus, positioning itself as a live-work-play destination and the DC area’s new elevated hotspot, soaring more than 10 stories above the bustling street. Visitors can walk through The Perch’s serene village green, watch a performance, enjoy the games plaza, and toast neighbors and associates at Starr Hill Biergarten atop an urban oasis while enjoying panoramic views.

Coming in 2023 to the Capital One Center is a new 900,000 square foot mixed use tower including office and retail space. The fully realized master plan for the Capital One Center includes office, retail, housing, performing arts, and much more.


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