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Texas A&M Green Roof Research is located at the College of Architecture, A305 Langford Architecture Center, College Station TX, 77843. Visit the Texas A&M Green Roof Research website and for more information, click here. Contact Bruce Dvorak, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M Univeristy at: 979.458.0628 or

The interdisciplinary green roof research taking place on the Langford building at Texas A&M University was initiated spring of 2009. CRIC Grant funds were used to purchase monitoring equipment for twelve 2? by 2? square green roof modules donated by Tecta America.

Plants were donated by Emory Knoll Farms and growth media by Rooflite. The focus of the center is to explore possibilities for low-input green roofs for central Texas through quantitative research.

The 12 modular green roof trays were randomly assigned in order and placed across a structural shelf to expose the units to a rooftop environment typical to the Texas A&M campus. The Tecta Green (Tecta America) trays have a 10 cm deep substrate. A water conservation approach was used to better understand minimal watering requirements for extensive green roofs in this climate.

The trays were assembled and planted on April 3, 2009. Three species of plants were investigated including Talinum calycinum, Delosperma cooperi and Sedum kamtschaticum. Nine individual plants were installed of each species in three modules. A total of 27 plants were installed across 9 trays, with 3 tray left unplanted. All species of plants became established in the modular trays during the year marked by extreme drought, however, not all plants performed equally. During the drought, Talinum calycinum performed best though the first growing season, and Delosperma cooperi performed well with only a few signs of stress. Sedum kamtschaticum did not establish well, as about one-half of the plants perished.


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