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The Termas Geométricas Hot Springs Complex is open all year; visit their website in English and in Spanish. Visit the website of the architect, Germán del Sol, and see their Termas Geométricas project description.

The Termas Geométricas Hot Springs Complex enjoy 17 slate covered pools of natural hot thermal spring waters that flow along a mountain stream in the midst of the native forest of the Villarrica National Parkin Chile’s southern Lake Country, 450 miles south of Santiago.

The hot springs water is distributed to the pools through wooden conduits that run under the walkway and heat it, keeping it always dry and safe. The pools are made from reinforced concrete, built into the rock and covered with flagstone. Close to every pool there is always a greenroof pavilion built with local coigüe wood, with private bathrooms, locker rooms, and a deck to rest.

Approximately 2,582 sf of native turfgrass covers the main building, protected with an asphaltic waterproof membrane. This large pavilion offers respite, refreshments, and an open fire. Four smaller greenroof covered structures sit beneath, at about 1,292 sf. Along the winding river there are eight other turf covered rest and bathroom structures. Phase 2 was completed in 2008.


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