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Learn about D.C. Greenworks’ other current and completed greenroof projects here.

This 400 square foot greenroof was built up into two tiers using polystyrene insulation and a stone retaining wall to enable the owner to see the greenroof from the ground. Sedums were specially chosen to drape over the wall, giving a “hanging gardens” effect. This greenroof is part of a green home addition including passive solar design and recycled and renewable materials.

This custom job was multiply-sourced to save on cost. The central, raised portion of the greenroof was built up using 4 layers of 2-inch polystyrene insulation surrounded by four courses of masonry wall blocks. Roofing penetrations and crickets made this job particularly complicated, and because the site is not vehicle accessible, all materials had to be brought in and hauled up by hand with a block and tackle.


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