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Read the Green Roof Regulation Learn about here. Read all about Green Living Technologies (GLT) in The Greenroof Directory Learn about here. George Irwin can be reached for comment or presentations directly at:

“In 2002, the City of Port Coquitlam created a strategic plan for the organization to establish the long-term direction and guide the City in its planning and decision-making. A Zoning bylaw amendment was adopted by Council on December 11, 2006, which requires green roofs for all large format buildings over 5,000 sq.m. (53,821 sq.ft.). The primary purpose is to obtain environmental benefits including intercepting and reducing storm water run-off, improving building thermal performance and energy consumption, and reducing the urban heat island effect. Secondary benefits would relate to enhanced views where dwelling units or offices overlook the roofs and increasing biodiversity. The estimated higher cost of 10% is normally recovered within the first two years of building operation and the energy savings and storm water reductions continuing for the life of the building. Green roofs typically last twice as long as traditional roofs because the temperature is regulated.”

Port Coquitlam has over 200 acres of land remaining to be developed in its commercial/industrial park. This is the first green roof regulation in Canada. As part of the Zoning Bylaw, a variance may be approved by Council when the business case for a green roof may not work for a particular site, such as large, unheated industrial storage. A “meet or beat” variance to site design, using the benefit criteria listed above, can be considered by Council. This provides for the environmental and social benefits while still meeting economic viability. This ‘win-win’ variance process allows for sustainable site design, new jobs and tax revenue for our community,” (City of Port Coquitlam).

This project falls under the Green Roof Regulation. Installed in late March – April 2010, the green roof system is the patented Green Living Roof panels by Green Living Technologies (Rochester New York). The Green Living Roof Panel is an interlocking modular green roof system that was pre grown off site and will be delivered in its finished form for a simple “Pick it up and put it down” installation.

The growing media is 3 inches in depth vegetated with a variety of sedum genus conducive to the geographic region. Because of the water retention capabilities and consistent rainfall in the BC region, the roof will not have irrigation. The Green Living Roof Panels can retain up to 8 gallons of water in a one meter area (10.75 square feet) and still retain only 15 pounds per square foot saturated making this system ideal for retro fitting or as part of an intensive roof top garden, one product does it all. The pictures show the Green Living Roof Panels growing off site in BC waiting for installation late March of 2010.


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