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Ever since Green Roof technology made its way to the United States, its popularity has mainly grown within the commercial and governmental sectors. For this reason, Building Logics was excited to have the opportunity to build a Green Roof in June 2005 on a residence in Norfolk, Virginia, within twenty minutes of our main office in Virginia Beach. The owner of the house is both an employee of NASA and an avid environmentalist. Since the house borders the Lafayette River, a tributary of the Chesapeake Bay, and because storm water management is one of the main advantages of Green Roofing, this residence was the perfect prospect for a lightweight Green Roof. The roof was installed on an addition that was added prior to the owner?s purchase of the house. The old roof was in need of replacement, leaking nearly every time it rained.

Steven?s Roofing of Norfolk, Virginia removed the original roof and installed a two-ply EnviroTech Green Roof System incorporating a copper foil root barrier and gel pack water-retention system in the top membrane. Tapered insulation was also added for the slope to drain. Our patented EnviroTech pre-vegetated pods were used in the installation, allowing an instant greening effect, yet retaining the lightweight qualities of all our other systems. Each pod has a minimum of twelve different varieties of sedum, allowing constant vegetation year round. The pre-vegetated pods were hand installed by local employees of Building Logics, helping to cut down on costs wherever possible. The system stores eighty percent of the annual rainfall, while the rest is filtered before reaching the Lafayette River.


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