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The State Vineyard of Saxony Wackerbarth Castle, north-west of Dresden near the Radebeul mountains, was modernized in 2001/2002. 25 million Euros later, today it is Europe’s first “adventure-vineyard.” Outbuildings of the `50s were set into its original construction; the cellars underneath were converted into attractive meeting rooms. The roof above the farmer?s cellar was fitted with new insulation and waterproofing; it was then created into an elevated bed in which a demonstration vineyard was created. Set in the eastern section of the property, the new production hall, at which guided wine and champagne tours also take place, was given an extensive green roof. The roof was planted with a variety of sedum species which are found naturally in the surrounding area.

There are two greenroofs on the property – the Production Hall measures 1800 m2 and the VIneyard Greenroof measures 600 m@. The vineyard in the elevated plant bed has sub-planting with Festuca cinerea and Poppies, which have developed strongly. The flat roof of the Production Hall sports an extensive green roof of the ?Sedum Carpet? type. This extensive green roof was edged with an 120 mm tall eaves profiles made of stainless steel, which have been fixed onto the waterproofing.


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