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Additional Resources

Read the Charlottesville Daily Progress article of July 6, 2008 by Bryan McKenzie “State Farm?s rooftop grass a lofty idea” here and learn about Wayne’s Wholesale Nursery in The Greenroof Directory.

Tim Johnson, State Farm administrative services supervisor told the Charlottesville Daily Progress on July 6, 2008 (see below) ?We were having the roof replaced and some of us started talking about green roofs and it just so happened that the contractor was involved in making green roofs. It seemed like something we should try. We?re one of the first offices in the company to have a green roof and we?re taking pictures of it and seeing it how it works so we can report back on how it fares.?

Approximately 1,500 Sedum plants including John Creech and Weinstephaner Sedum were provided by Wayne’s Wholesale Nursery.


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