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See more ZinCo projects here, and visit the ZinCo website here for more information on their products. See the “St. Wolfoldus Preschool: project profile auf Deutsch here.

The ?Sankt Wolfoldus? preschool in Hohenwart is a compact building of varying heights, which allows sunlight into the rooms by elevated rows of windows. The flat roof area over a massive concrete deck has an extensive green roof; whereas the higher, metal roofs are on visible wooden constructions.The DUO-Roof, which provides reliability and long life, was chosen for the u-shaped green roof. The thermal insulation properties – also resulting from the certified thermal insulation values of the green roof – exceed requirements by the German EnEV. The geothermal heat uses a power operated pump and the heating causes no pollution. The green roofs were edged with 120 mm high eaves profiles made of stainless steel.

Notice the green roof strip sits between the two taller buildings over the middle hall. Approximately 15 types of the ?Rockery Type Plants? vegetation were planted in groups. For example, Dianthus carthusianorum grows to a height of about 400 mm; the other types of ?Rockery Type Plants? will reach a height of about 150 – 250 mm.System Build-up ?DUO-Compact Roof with Floratherm?? – see graphic in thumbnail below:Plug plants according to list of ?Rockery Type Plants?;Thermally insulated green roof with Floratherm? WD 65;Moisture Retention/Protection Mat SSM 45;kebu-waterproofing, 2-layered, root proof;Primary thermal insulation made of Foamglas?;Reinforced concrete.


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