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Visit, an independent UK resource for green roof information, here. For further information on Alumasc?s ZinCo Green Roof please contact the literature hotline on 0808 100 2008 or visit the website at

The St. Martins in the Field School is located in Tulse Hill, London, and the type of development is a new Sports Hall. The client’s reason for a green roof was because the building looks onto a park and they felt visual amelioration would result as the roof was constructed of steel. The type of roof is a curved steel framed acoustic standing seam aluminium roof.

Build Up of Roof: Extensive soil with two thirds sedum plugs and one-third sedum mats.Details of the Green Roof Element:As the roof is curved the lower area had to be planted with sedum mats. The rest is plug planted. The curve of the roof profile meant that the ZinCo green roof system had to cope with falls from 26? at the eaves to zero at the crown of the building, which lead to the development of a project specific substrate baffle retention system which has proven to be highly effective.As the roof slopes are so severe it was determined to use sedum mats at the eaves and gables, both to securely anchor the substrate in position and provide an immediate established appearance to the vegetation from ground level. Sedum plug plants were used in the field area in order to provide a more cost-effective solution for the overall planting scheme.


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