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For more info about Green Roof Blocks, please visit their website.

St. Louis based Green Roof Blocks? installed its portable green roof system on the new St. Louis Community College campus facility in Wildwood (MO) in June, 2007. Over one thousand portable Green Roof Blocks were installed on the roof of the 73,000 square foot facility in an effort to reduce the building?s effect on the environment. While the construction project faced several budget obstacles the Green Roof was given top priority.

Green Roof Blocks are self-contained portable units that cover 4 to 5.2 square feet of roof surface and contain a growth medium with drought resistant plants. Green Roof Blocks will allow the roof to reflect heat back into the atmosphere to reduce energy cost and consumption. In addition, the Green Roof Blocks-Green Roof system will help to absorb and limit storm water run off, and increase the life of the college?s roof by up to four times.

The St. Louis Community College Wildwood facility green roof was designed by Green Roof Blocks under the direction of William B. Ittner Architects. The facility is scheduled to open in August 2007.


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