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While not open to the public, the greenroof is visible from the building’s second and third floors and by the estimated 150,000 cars and trucks that travel the nearby stretch of I-71/75 each day. St. Elizabeth Medical Center Covington is located at 1500 James Simpson, Jr. Way, Covington, KY 41011; 859.655.8800; vist their website here. See the Bayer Becker eNewsletter of August 17, 2009 here and visit their website:

Northern Kentucky’s St. Elizabeth Medical Center is a re-development project along I-75 and includes a three-story building with approximately 120,000 sf of space with medical offices on the upper floors and a 10,500 sf emergency department on the ground floor along with outpatient services such as imaging, dialysis and rehab programs. The Center’s 18,000 sf greenroof is located over the new emergency department and outpatient building and, according to the Cinncinnati Enquirer, was funded by an anonymous donation of more than $420,000.

“St. Elizabeth Medical Center committed to Sanitation District No. 1 (SD1) to include green infrastructure into the campus design. From these early objectives the project development team set a goal to incorporate green infrastructure elements into the project design. 20,000 sf of the roof is a green roof, which was conceptually coordinated by Bayer Becker with the development team and SD1. Four rain gardens and a re-designed detention basin (to limit the runoff within SD1 combine sewer watershed) are also incorporated into the final design. The basin was designed to maximize the potential for soil absorption, evapotranspiration, and infiltration and thus reduce the volume of runoff that leaves the basin and enters the Combine Sewer Overflows (CSO) system. The green infrastructure as designed, helps SD1 meet its Consent Decree goals for CSO control. For the design and construction administration of the re-designed basin, Bayer Becker was contracted by SD1 to provide the design services to meet the goal of the district to reduce possible future CSO storage or other measures to limit discharges.

“Bayer Becker played a key role in design consulting enabling the $29 Million project to be commissioned in 2009,” (Bayer Becker eNewsletter, 2009).


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