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Soleil @ Sinaran is located at 2, 6 Sinaran Drive in District 11 of Singapore. Visit the Soleil @ Sinaran website. Learn about Elmich Pte Ltd in The Greenroof Directory. For further information on Elmich Green Roof (Intensive and Extensive), VersiCell?, VersiDrain? 25P, EnviroMix? GR and other products and services offered by ELMICH, please contact them at: Phone: +65 6356 2800;; or visit

Soleil @ Sinaran, consisting of twin towers rising 36-stories high with sprawling grounds, is a unique lifestyle condominium targeting well-heeled trendy professionals and young couples in Singapore. Located at the periphery of a prominent 50m lap pool, two spa pavilions and eight entertainment pavilions are covered with extensive greenroofs and shelter individual recreational spa pools with various sundecks. There are also themed lounges and expansive sky gardens, complete with gymnasiums on the 20th floor of each tower.

Soleil @ Sinaran has been awarded the BCA Green Mark Gold evidencing concerted effort on its part to achieve sustainability in the built environment. Green roofs totaling about 1150 sq m, on the rooftops of the eight entertainment and two spa pavilions, reflect this commitment to sustainability. They at the same time give the condominium a resort-like ambiance, highly visible from the condominium?s twin towers and also from neighbouring apartments. Employed very successfully to make the installation of the stunning green roofs possible and contributing substantially to the condominium?s green initiative, is the green roof system by Elmich.

The green roofs return much of the green space at the condominium site before its construction and provide an insulating shield against tropical temperatures that helps to keep the activity areas beneath them cool and comfortable. Plants (Veronica elliptica) hanging over the edge of the roofs of the pavilions form fringes that substantially reduce glare and harsh sunrays into the pavilions from the sides. Additionally, the green roofs protect and prolong the waterproofing membrane on the rooftops of the pavilions, and whilst contributing aesthetically to the condominium, also play an important role in mitigating urban heat island effect.

Elmich Green Roof, both lightweight and easy to install, is the system ideally suited for the greening of the 10 pavilion rooftops. Elmich Green Roof comprises a VersiDrain? 25P water retention and drainage layer, a geotextile filter layer and EnviroMix? GR, a primarily inorganic soil-less lightweight planting media and drought-tolerant plant species that require little or no maintenance.

VersiDrain? 25P drainage and water retention trays were placed on the roof and covered over with a filter fabric. The lightweight and primarily inorganic planting medium was spread on top and an automated irrigation system installed. The main plants used consist of selected drought-tolerant plants which carpet the roofs like Sedum sarmentosum, Tradescantia sp, and Portulaca grandiflora, Vernonia elliptica which hang over the edge of the roofs to form shady fringes that reduce glare and harsh sunrays into the pavilions from the sides, and Pennisetum rubrum, Neomarica gracillis, Crinum xanthophyllum and Leucophyllum frutescens providing the relief at the corners and centre of the roofs.

Note: The 1,150 m2 (12,378 sf) area shown on this profile refers only to the pavilion rooftops, i.e., the 10 extensive greenroofs – not the intensive areas.


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