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June 17, 2019 3:09 Shell Petrol Station @ Tampines Avenue 2 – Featured Project video from on the greenroofsTV channel on YouTube.


June 17, 2019 Featured Project: Shell Petrol Station @ Tampines Avenue 2, Singapore by Linda S. Velazquez on; June 12, 2017 Shell station reopens at Tampines Ave 2 with 24-h McDonald’s Drive-Thru by Rachel Chan in Alvinology; June 7, 2017 This revamped Shell station in Tampines is every driver’s dream pitstop by Dannon Har in SG Magazine; June 7, 2017 Shell Singapore Debuts “Shell Station of the Future” with New Tampines Ave 2 Station Shell Singapore Press Release.

As the first of a series of planned upgrades to 57 Shell stations across the country, the Tampines Avenue 2 Shell Petrol Station acts as a testing ground for the viability of the new sustainability features and facilities implemented there.

Designed as a “mobility oasis,” the Shell station was built with the goal of enhancing the convenience and connectivity of the community. In addition to serving motorists with their refueling and servicing needs, the “station of the future” also serves as a pit stop for cyclists travelling on the island-wide park connector network. Adapting to the changing mobility landscape in Singapore towards a car-lite society, Shell took strides to cater to Personal Mobility Device (PMD) users by setting up the “Take a Brake” bicycle bay, allowing for the self-service maintenance of their devices. Residents nearby can also make use of the various facilities housed at the Shell Station, such as a POPstation, AXS, ATM machines, and a newspaper vending machine.

“This station marks the beginning of a transformational journey ahead as Shell continues to progress with our customers to meet their evolving needs and demands in mobility and convenience. We place customers at the heart of everything we do and together with our frontline service champions, we are committed to better serve our customers in this on-going journey to improve our customer experience. As we believe it is not just where you go, but also how you go that matters, we hope to help our customers ‘Go Well’ and make their life’s journeys better.” ~ Ms. Aarti Nagarajan, General Manager, Retail Sales & Operations, Shell Singapore

The reopening of the Shell Petrol Station @ Tampines Avenue 2 also marks the launch of a Shell-owned convenience store as well as their food label, named Shell Select and Deli by Shell respectively. Shell also collaborated with strategic partners such as McDonald’s to launch Singapore’s 1st 24 hour drive-thru in a service station, bringing value-added convenience to customers.

The Shell station also boasts new sustainability features in its architecture, as Shell looks to improve energy and water efficiency in day-to-day operations. Solar tubing in the station canopy aids in reducing electricity usage during the day, while motion detectors in parts of the station ensure that lighting is only activated when necessary. Four panels of Elmich Green Walls totaling 55m2 were established across the station and filled with verdant plants, giving the station a welcoming green façade while simultaneously helping to reduce ambient heat and airborne pollutants. A rainwater harvesting system, projected to save more than a million litres of water per year, helps to irrigate the plants on the green walls, as well as to flush the toilets.

The Shell Petrol Station @ Tampines Avenue 2 green walls were constructed using Elmich’s VersiWall GP (VGP) green wall products. Approximately 100 VersiWall® GP Proprietary Mounting Panels were installed onto four different walls of varying sizes across the station, covering a total area of 55.1m2. The Mounting Panels facilitates easy mounting of approximately 1300 VGP Trays. Trays are connected to an irrigation system which uses harvested rainwater to sustain the plants, allowing for low maintenance care of the living wall system.

To prevent against accidental dislodgement, the VGP are fitted with anti-lift arms, effectively locking the trays to the mounting panel. The modular green wall system is made from fire-resistant thermoplastics which will not burn, release toxic emissions, or smoke when a fire is present.

The trays on the living wall at Shell Petrol Station @ Tampines Avenue 2 were planted with three varieties of shade loving plants: Philodendron ‘Gold’, Dracaena reflexa, and Epipremnum aureum (Devil’s Ivy). The varying shades of green on the plants create a layered look that brings an added dimension of depth to the walls.

“Planning for the future, revitalising our operations and staying relevant are important to Shell Singapore. As we come together as a nation to create a more sustainable future for Singaporeans, we at Shell are committed to evolve together and develop smart city solutions particularly in personal transport, in support of the government’s initiative in creating endearing eco-smart towns.” Ms. Goh Swee Chen, Chairman of Shell Companies in Singapore

Shell Tampines Avenue 2 is the first Shell station in Singapore to feature distinctive finishing touches in both its exteriors and interiors. Accented with earthy colors, wood tones, and the refreshing green walls, the spacious station aims to be an oasis from the bustle of the roads and help customers “Go Well.”


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