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The Green Roof Centre was established by the University of Sheffield and Groundwork Sheffield working in partnership with the four South Yorkshire Local Authorities. See the case study from The Green Roof Centre here. For more information, please contact The Green Roof Centre c/o Groundwork Sheffield, The Innovation Centre, 217 Portobello, Sheffield, S1 4DP; Fax: 0114 263 6429; Website:

Cool green roofs for the city’s bus shelters was an initiative carried out by Groundwork Sheffield and Sheffield?s Green Roof Forum as part of a wider programme aimed at addressing the lack of green roofs across South Yorkshire. Bus shelters offer an ideal surface for greening, providing an attractive green space in our concrete dominated urban streets and offering much needed shade for waiting passengers. The living vegetation installed on the bus shelter is in a prime position to filter pollution and particulates from transport exhausts thereby protecting the health of waiting passengers. Greening of the bus shelters also highlights the value of integrating sustainable design and green travel in our attempts to reduce rates of climate change. The greening of the bus shelters has been a huge success capturing the public?s imagination and promoting sustainable technology.

Green Roof Elements: Polyfelt blanket, overlain with 30-40mm sedum vegetation matsCost: The sedum mat cost approx ?34 per square metre. The other costs were: ?50 scaffolding and ?25 matting to go under the mats and protect the bus shelters.


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