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For project inquiries contact: Anthony Caggiano, President of Plant Connection, Inc. at 1.888.78.PLANT;; or

Students in grades k-5 at Shady Shores Elementary School are now learning hands-on! Science Lab instructor, Marianne Welter, believes students will have a different type of learning experience if they physically understand how and why a green wall helps our environment. Most students have only seen plants growing in the ground or in pots. The green wall will show how plants can grow vertically and how well they can adapt.

Each grade level participated during their science lab class with a horticulture expert on site. Anthony Caggiano from Plant Connection, Inc. gave presentations to each class about soil and plants and demonstrated how to plant. Students then got their hands dirty and were able to mix soil and plant their very own living wall!

Prior to planting, a free-standing structure was built for the wall to hang on. In keeping with school pride, Mrs. Welter decided to use the school’s initials “LD” (Lake Dallas Independent School District) as the design for the living wall. The wall is located in front of the school for visitors to see as they drive by. Mrs. Welter and the students maintain the wall during the school year by going outside to observe the plants and insects the wall is attracting in order to get a better picture of an ecosystem. In the summer, students and parents will be assigned specific weeks to come to the school and evaluate the wall.

Marianne Welter was awarded $3,500 from the Lake Cities Education Foundation for this unique grant project. The living wall gives students an opportunity to plant and physically monitor growth changes, plant structure, and functions to plants during different seasons. This long-term benefit will give them a better perspective on plant growth that will enable them to increase their science scores for years to come.

University of Washington studies show the experience of nature helps to restore the mind from mental fatigue of work/studies, improving productivity and creativity. In children, contact with nature helps to develop cognitive, emotional, and behavioral connections to social environments, and is important for encouraging imagination and creativity, cognitive and intellectual development, and social relationships.

The living wall at Lake Dallas is not the only school providing a restorative connection. Plant Connection has also installed living walls at the following schools: Canisius College, Josiah Quincy School, and NYU Law.


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