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The owner of the residence lives on the Lafayette River in Norfolk. She became interested in green roofs after her neighbor next door installed one from our company two years earlier. (See that project here.) The green roof was placed overtop of her existing sunroom. She has access to her green roof from her European style casement window from her bedroom.

We used the EnviroTech GR Roof System. This incorporated the EnviroTech GR Filter Fabric, which acts as the root barrier. The EnviroTech GR Retain / Drain Fabric, which stores enough water for the plants and also allows excess water to drain from the rooftop after the saturation point has been achieved. Then we places the EnviroTech GR Pre-Vegetated Pods in place. The Pods are pre-grown at our nursery, and once installed they give an “instant” green roof, as opposed to growing it in place. We also installed two decks made from composite lumber in the center of the roof for a place to put chairs and tables (per request of the owner).


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