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The Atlanta Saul Nursery, known as “The Swamp,” also has a greenroof. See it here.

Bobby and Kathy Saul, owners of Saul Nurseries, decided to enhance their woodland backyard by installing a naturalistic pool and spa with infinity edge. The pool pump shed is highly visible so they opted for a vegetative cover to blend the small structure into the landscape. A very simple system was constructed using 8 mil plastic pond liner as the waterproofing and ItSaul Natural products, including PermaTill expanded slate as the 4″ deep growing medium.

The pool pump shed was sited under a large canopy of evergreens and deciduous trees, so they chose a palette of five sedums known to perform well in shade. This small test greenroof serves to see how the following sedums fare under dappled sunlight: Sedum makenoi ‘Limelight’, S. rupestre ‘Angelina’, S. tectractinum, S. grisbachii, and the Georgia native Sedum ternatum ‘Chestatee’.


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