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In the heart of the upscale Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago, Omni Ecosystems recently partnered with the Thompson Hotel for the installation of an Omni Ecosystems Tapestry™ in its chic new bar, the Salone Nico.

Completed on October 20, 2013, the Omni Ecosystems Tapestry™ is a living wall of lush, vibrant plants growing on a vertical surface. This patent-pending green wall technology maximizes each plant’s rooting environment while minimizing shading from neighboring plants, allowing the ecosystem to thrive.

The Omni Ecosystems Tapestry™ also plays a practical role in the structure of Salone Nico by helping to reduce noise and improve air quality within the bar. There are over 2000 plants planted in Salone Nico’s green walls including pothos, spider plants, philodendron, dracaena, zebrina and others.


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