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The Salisbury Residence was highlighted for the month of May in the 2009 Greenroofs of the World Calendar, and you can download a Greenroofs Wallpaper for your desktop by visiting Desktop Nexus. Read “Newport couple’s green thumbs reach the roof” by Beth Burwinkel in Cincinnati.Com of June 20, 2009 here. Learn about Green Roof Blocks and Green Paks in The Greenroof Directory.

This project represents a shift from commercial interest in the green roof concept to the residential market. Green Roof Blocks is proud to share the Salisbury creation as they have clearly demonstrated that green roofs are not too complicated for the do-it-yourselfers. Jeff Salisbury and wife Christine Plepys created this living roof using the 4″ deep Green Paks modules laid over drain core / roof barrier composite geo-textile.The planting strategy uses a diverse selection of sedums that include evergreens and flowering species to present seasonal beauty year round. Succulents include: Sedum sexangulare; S. kamschaticum; S. weihenstephaner ‘Gold,’ S. spurium and S. album.

“They moved into their home in the fall of 2005 and built a garage behind it a year later. Salisbury knew he wanted to install a green roof on top of the garage, so he consulted an expert before construction to make sure it could handle the added weight. In the spring of 2007, the sedum planting took about a day. The couple attached an underlayment material to the roof and then hoisted 80 bags of soil onto it. They lined up the bags, cut six holes in each and then planted five different types of sedum across the roof.”Persistent watering helped establish the sedum. The green roof doesn’t get many weeds, although some sedum is growing between the rocks on the ground below, scattered from the green roof. “It’s something nice for us to look at,” Plepys said. “Not just for us, but for the neighbors,” (Burwinkel, 2009).


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