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The new Salesforce Transit Center is located at First and Mission streets in downtown San Francisco, CA, visit the TJPA website and Salesforce Transit Center website.

Read the August 13, 2018 A first look at San Francisco’s sensational new elevated park by Katharine Schwab in Fast Company; August 6, 2018 San Francisco’s imposing transit center ready to roll at last by John King in the San Francisco Chronicle; September 28, 2007 Press Release from; and the project profile from Rana Creek.

The Transbay Transit Center was designed to centralize the region’s transportation network by conveniently connecting all points in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 100,000 passengers per day. The TJPA built a state-of-the-art bus and rail station – the “Grand Central Station of the West” – that will accommodate eleven transit systems from the Bay Area and Southern California. The new Transit Center will make world-class public transit options accessible, seamless, safe, and efficient.

Salesforce paid $110 million to have its name on the Transbay Transit Center and an estimated $1.5 million per year will be spent on maintaining the park’s tranquility in the heart of San Francisco.

Rana Creek, the California-based company specializing in habitat restoration and regenerative design, announced their win as the Lead Ecologist for the 5.4 acre Salesforce Transit Center Park to sit atop the new state-of-the-art Salesforce (formerly Transbay) Terminal Center in late September, 2007. The Transbay Terminal Center and Tower will stand 70- feet-tall and stretch from Beale Street to Second Street. The structure will house commuter buses from around the area and provide the region with 5.4 acres of green space. The Press Release (see below) states, “The team was awarded the contract to construct a “living roof” over two competing proposals submitted during the Transbay Terminal Center Competition.

The first phase of the Transbay Transit Center Project commenced in December 2008 with the groundbreaking of the Temporary Terminal. Demolition of the Transbay Terminal commenced in August 2010; the first phase was completed in 2018.

Paul Kephart, Executive Director of Rana Creek stated, “Rana Creek’s design will promote extensive energy savings for the Transbay Terminal Center as well as provide thriving habitats for Bay Area native plant and wildlife populations threatened by urban development. Not only will this green roof provide the people of San Francisco with a much needed public park, it will protect the endangered species, such as the Bay checkerspot butterfly, that have all but disappeared from this urban area.”

Initially, the name of the 5.4-acre rooftop park on top of the Transit Center was to be “City Park,” but has been renamed Salesforce Transit Center Park. The massive rooftop park includes an open air amphitheatre, gardens, a trail for running/walking, open grass areas for picnics, lily ponds and more. Designed to house more than six native plant communities, the Saleforce Terminal Center’s green roof features bodies of water, statuesque trees and an urban park dedicated to sustainability.

The project will treat all water from the neighboring 82-story Salesforce Tower (formerly Transbay Terminal Tower) as well as filter and process the exhaust from the below railways. Kinetic fountains powered by the bus movement will aerate the water for the rooftop wetlands. In order to create the most ecologically functional green roof, Rana Creek used native plant communities, such as grasslands, that survive in similar bioregional conditions. The green roof build-up system consists of a root barrier and water drainage system.


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