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Additional Resources

Full details on Zinco Green Roof systems are available on Alumasc?s new website, including full technical information, CAD downloads and an NBS Specification generator. Product literature is available by calling Alumasc on 0808 100 2008.

An Alumasc ZinCo Green Roof was also specified on the projects restaurant roof. The Client wanted a roof that would be green all year round, however an alternative solution was proposed due to weight constrictions, the need for minimal maintenance and lack of irrigation that were characteristics of the project application. After extensive consultation with the building?s designers and a visit to the ZinCo Green Roofing HQ in Germany, a revised design was put forward that required minimum maintenance, but in turn remained as colourful and green as possible for the majority of the year.

The system comprising a drainage layer, sedum mat substrate, sedum mats and plug plants was chosen to provide a visually striking extensive green roof, with strong ecological benefits.


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