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For further information on Alumasc?s ZinCo Green Roof and Hydrotech Structural Waterproofing systems, please contact the literature hotline on 0808 100 2008 or visit the website at

An award-winning, landscaped green roof has been built directly in front of the fine historic buildings at the Royal Arsenal at Woolwich in SouthEast London. Royal Arsenal recently secured first place in the 2006 Flat Roofing Alliance (FRA) awards, gaining recognition in the best refurbishment project over 1000 square metres, and was commended by the judges, who described it as ?a well-delivered roofing solution, coupled with the creation of a very impressive amenity space. A good, green solution.?This project was completed to enable the footprint of the structure to be handed back to the community for recreational purposes and is an exceptional example of how a flat roof can benefit the local community. The construction was completed on time and within budget.

Alumasc supplied the ZinCo Green Roof system, along with Hydrotech structural waterproofing which met the rigorous and specialised design criteria necessary for both the aesthetic and amenity requirements of this project. From the outset, the Alumasc technical team had involvement with the design of the waterproofing and green roof installation. It was determined at an early stage that the roof would be have to be completely flat because of its size, and this worked ideally with Alumasc?s intention to create an irrigation reservoir on top of the waterproofing, and underneath the drainage element of the green roof system.The use of the Zinco FD60 drainage layer in conjunction with the Zinco irrigation units enabled Alumasc to create an irrigation system within the green roof build up, which minimised the amount of water required to sustain the planting. Due to the nature of the irrigation it was unnecessary to consider any requirement for acid dosing of the water to be used, which substantially reduces the health and safety risk that would have been present with any other irrigation. Alumasc worked closely with project specifier Broadway Malyan to ensure that all technical issues were addressed prior to installation. Alumasc also engaged with Developers, Berkeley Homes to ensure that they had a full understanding of the specific use that the completed roof was to be put to and that their programme requirements would be met. Alumasc Approved Contractor, Tilbury Contracts carried out the installation.


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