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The Romano Mazzoli Federal Building 600 Martin Luther King Jr. Place Louisville, KY 40202; 502.582.6436. Read the August 26, 2011 Green Roof Finished at Mazzoli Federal Building by Branden Klayko in, and see the 8:39 Project Win Mazzoli Federal Building – Green Efforts video on YouTube from the Metropolitan Sewer District. For more information about the Romano Mazzoli Federal Building project, contact Alex Fransen of Steele Blades Lawn & Landscape Services at 502.231.8684;; or visit

The $1.3 million Romano Mazzoli Federal Building project, which also funded a courthouse renovation in South Carolina, was funded by ARRA federal recovery funds. The renovation involved raising the sustainability level of the entire building, including upgrades to its air conditioning, occupancy sensors for interior lights, stormwater retention, and the roof.

The the Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) joined the Mazzoli Federal building in an effort to keep Louisville on the path to going green, investing $250,000 in enhancements to an existing parking lot to allow stormwater to infiltrate directly into the ground; keeping it out of the combined sewer system – see their YouTube video below.

This federal building roof was due for replacement and what better time to add a green roof! A Soprema extensive greenroof system was used, designed by Roof Maintenance Systems and installed by Steele Blades Lawn & Landscape Services in 2011.


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