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For more information, please contact Tanya Muller Garcia M.Sc. President of AMENA, the Mexican Green Roof Asociation at:

The greenroof system design for the Residencial San Carlos includes a total of 11 roof tops, and was done by Green Roof Systems de Mexico using different materials as well as the custom substrate mix and the plant selection. Green Roof Systems de Mexico has the know-how, human resources and a specialized department to implement each part of the system beginiging with the design of the green roof system, the water proofing membranes, and finishing with the installation and planting of the plants for both extensive and intensive systems.It is important to mention that this residential construction is one of the first in Mexico to include Green Roofs as part of an effort to include sustainable and enviromental systems in their housing designs.

The system is extensive but with a minimalistic design in order to give a certain sense of movement. The plants used are crassulaceas. The substrate mix is a combination of organic and inorganic material; the mix formula was customized by Green Roof Systems de Mexico. The installation of the 11 roof tops was completed in four weeks.


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