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See the ZinCO case study here. Learn about ZinCo in The Greenroof Directory: ZinCo GmbH and ZinCo USA, Inc..

The Repsol YPF S.A. is one of the ten largest private oil companies in the
world with the new headquarters in Argentina. Architect Cesar Pelli a highrise
specialist, and is responsible for the incredible form of the connected triangular and curved tower ?legs.? The YPF Repsol Tower is 160 m.
This hugely successful project is ZinCo’s first in South America.

The platform of the building is located on a parking garage. The System buildup
with the drainage element Floradrain? FD 40 was installed. Between the 27th and 33rd floor is a large balcony which is fully glazed. Behind the glass there are several over-sized planter boxes each
incorporating a ZinCo system build-up.


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