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The Regency Rambla Design Apart Hotel is located at Rambla Rep. de México 6079, Carrasco, Montevideo 11500 – Uruguay; Tel. (+598) 2601 5555; Fax. (+598) 2601 1534; Find further information and photos at,, and or contact Adrian Margoniner at

A small hotel located by the beach, the Regency Rambla Design Apart Hotel has the first hydroponic (no soil) Living Wall in Uruguay.

Our family architectural firm develops, designs and constructs its own projects; when my father asked me to get involved in the resolution of the swimming pool area and the dividing walls with the neighbors, I decided to try building a green wall. We didn’t know how it was done or who could help us. So with research and hard work, we designed a custom system based on French Botanist Patrick Blanc’s designs, seeking greener and deeper landscape for the leisure space.

This small wall worked for us as a prototype and learning experience of learning while doing and problem solving for future bigger and more ambitious walls.

The Regency Rambla Design Apart Hotel Living Wall was designed and built during the construction of the hotel so it could be an important piece and be displayed at the inauguration ceremony. Four planes conform a curve at an angle determined by the urban landscape. 60cm modules hang on an independent wooden structure providing flexibility to be taken off site for maintanance or repair if needed. Rockwool is the substrate in which 8 species of plants grow in a hydroponic circulation medium. The living wall has different sun and shade orientations that needed to be taken into consideration concerning the planning scheme.

We put together the structure and panels in a week and planted it on site during one day, on August 1, 2011. The plants where small at first and didn’t cover the whole wall, but during the next 2 months of spring it was already flowering. By the end of that summer the wall was strong, healthy and thick.

The project proved a success and a personal satisfaction of being at the forefront of this technology in Uruguay and the region.


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