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Read the November 2002 article entitled “AIA winners transcend design challenges” from the here. Visit the Cutler Anderson Architects website here.

The Cutler Anderson Architects’ Reeve residence at Salmon Point on Lopez Island overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca is a stunning example of architecture integrating into the landscape. The project is the recipient of the Seattle AIA 2002 Awards. An article in the says, “Jurors admitted being awestruck at Cutler Anderson’s Reeve residence on Lopez Island. “This is just real architecture,” said Joy. “It makes you appreciate the landscape and creates its own internal landscape.””The firm said its intention for the 2,800-square-foot house was to remain unobtrusive in a powerful waterfront landscape, and nestle into a cliff face. To diminish the visual impact of the building, one roof covers three elements of the house — the bunkhouse, the greatroom and the master suite. Juror Jane Weinzapfel described the home’s protection from the elements as “primeval.”

The ocean-view residence has a 250-ton vegetated sod roof that is nestled into the cliff to blend with the scenery and the pitch was designed to match the angle of the adjacent mature trees for wind sheer management.


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