Florida?s Showcase Green Envirohome (FSGE)
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Project Name: Florida?s Showcase Green Envirohome (FSGE)
Year: 2008
Owner: Mark Baker, LLC
Location: Indialantic, FL, USA
Building Type: Single-Family Residential
Type: Semi-Extensive, Test/Research
System: Custom
Size: 896 sq.ft.
Slope: 2%
Access: Accessible, By Appointment
Submitted by: Nonnie Chrystal & Dr. Marty Wanielista

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:
Client/Developer/Architect: Mark Baker, Mark Baker, LLC
Landscape Architect: Maple Street Natives
Green Roof Consultants: Mike Hardin & Dr. Marty Wanielista, UCF Stormwater Management Academy
Florida?s Showcase Green Envirohome (FSGE) residence is touted as one of the world's most energy efficient green home as a "Near Zero-Energy Home" and "Near Zero-Runoff Home." In 2004 hurricanes Frances and Jeanne devastated the home and it was declared a "complete and total loss." Owner Mark Baker, a contractor with 35 years experience in construction, and his wife, Nonnie Chrystal, decided to rebuild with only the highest of green standards. FSGE received a research grant for the 5 areas of green roofs from the State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Design intent: Stormwater Management and Water Quality Improvement.

Design innovations: Cistern for pollution control and irrigation of the roof; Pollution control layer for pollutant removal; Native vegetation in a harsh salt environment; Growth media; Grey water harvesting for irrigation supplement.

Green Roof System Details:Structural Deck: Three different decks used, i.e. Concrete, Stucturally Rated 40/20 5/8 inch plywood deck coated with BluWood (moisture-, mold- and termite-resistant), and Armoroc structural boards (moisture-, mold- and termite-resistant).

Waterproofing: Grace Construction Products: Liquid Membrane, Deck Prep, Bituthene & Hydroduct Green Roof Composite Root Rated Barrier, namely Hydroduct 550RS.Drainage: Crow?s Nest 25? tall on top of 2nd story roof is pitched to center bi-level drain=plywood deck; 1st story deck green roofs pitched 1 ?? to edge where gutters are located-Flexi-Pave & Scupper holes allow drainage=Armoroc deck; Pool pump house has a concrete roof poured as a dome pitched to drain to the edge where the gutters are located-Flexi-Pave allows for drainage.
Irrigation: Yes, with automatic shut off for equal rainfall events in 24 hours.

Growing Medium: 4 - 8 inch media depth, Mineral (Big River Industries) with Vermiculite, Perlite, and Peat Moss.

Planted on March 17, 2008, the Vegetation (plant list) includes:

Eragrostis spectabilis (Purple Lovegrass)
Muhlenbergia capillaris (Muhly Grass)
Ipomoea alba (Moonflower Vine)
Ipomoea pes-carae (Railroad Vine)
Momosa strigillosa (Sunshine Mimosa)
Lonicera sempervirens (Coral Honeysuckle)
Heliotropium polyphyllum (Pineland Heliotrope)
Eragrostis elliottii (Elliotts Lovegrass)
Bacopa monnieri (Lemon Bacopa)
Peperomia humilis (Peperomia)
Verbena maritima (Coastal Verbena)
Salvia coccinea (Red Sage)
Rudbeckia hirta (Black Eyed Susan)
Stokesia laevis (Stokes Aster)
Elephantopus tomentosus (Florida Elephant's Foot)
Tripsacum floridanum (Florida Gamma Grass)
Monarda punctata (Dotted Horsemint)
Stachytarpheta jamaicensis (Native Blue Porterweed)
Heliotropium angiospermum (Seaside Heliotrope)
Spartina bakeri (Sand Cordgrass)Amorpha fruticosa (Bastard Indigo)

Problems / Anecdotes: The problem associated with this project is location. This project is located in one of the world?s harshest salt environments (Melbourne, FL). This problem was resolved by consulting with a local horticulturist who specialized in Florida native plants in the Melbourne area.

Additional thumbnail photos:

FSGE is following a rigorous list of 13 Green Guideline programs, including the USGBC's LEED rating system, where the home is expected to earn a Platinum LEED rating. The goal is to meet or exceed all of these. Upon completion of contruction, FSGE will be open to the public at no charge via scheduled walkthroughs for one year. This initiative will serve as a public educational awareness project to help others mitigate disasters, lower insurance, energy and water costs, and sustain the environment. Learn more by visiting the FSGE website here. Read the 4.02.11 "Native garden tour features extremely green Indialantic home" in FloridaToday.com. Download these Press Releases from Mark Baker, LLC: Florida DEP, UCF & Students Complete Green Roof at Florida's Showcase Green Envirohome of 3.17.08 and UCF & Students Oversee Florida's Showcase Green Envirohome's (FSGE's) Green Roof Design & Installation of 12.20.07. For more info about UCF, contact Professor Marty Wanielista, director of the UCF Stormwater Management Academy and the leader of the Student Union project at: wanielis@mail.ucf.edu.
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