Lauer Systems
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An Overhead View of the Lauer Systems Greenroofs. Photos Courtesy ZinCoProject Name: Lauer Systems
Year: 1993
Owner: Knut Lauer
Location: Unterensingen, Germany
Building Type: Corporate
Type: Extensive & Intensive
System: Single Source Provider
Size: 13000 sq.ft.
Slope: 1%
Access: Accessible, Private
Submitted by: Linda S. Velazquez & ZinCo

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:
Architect: Kolb, Kolb & Prassel, Hochdorf
Architect: Prassel, Kolb & Prassel, Hochdorf
Designer: Dieter Grau
Designer: Albrecht Hild
Contractor: Watzke & Wolff, Garten- und Landschaftsbau, Fricke
Greenroof System: ZinCo International
The greenery is visible from the ground level.An avenue of little trees which surrounds a timber decked catwalk characterises the landscape on the first floor.Beautiful flowering roofs
When planning the computer company Lauer Systems?new administration and research building in Unterensingen, it was decided to vary the architecture from the surrounding industrial buildings with their uninteresting flat roofs. An ambitious landscape design with a lot of green was requested. As the foot print of the building was going to take up most of the development area, it was planned to provide intensive landscaping on the three lower roof levels. Only the upper roof was provided with an extensive landscape. The three intensive roof areas are landscaped to reflect the internal functions at each level, providing outdoor areas for the Casino and conference rooms, to hold company picnics and other events.

Each of the four roofs of the Administration Building of Lauer Systeme GmbH supports a greenroof system. Two of the four greenroof levels are visible from above, providing pleasant views for employees. The two largest greenroofs measure 500m2, are located on the first and second floors and have contrasting styles. The first floor garden design is dominated by seven rigid geometric formations, while in contrast the second floor greenroof provides curvilinear paths through luxuriant plants leading to a centrally positioned summer house.
Different levels of greenroofsThe roof garden on the second floor can be used by the employees on their breaks.
ZinCo International's Floratec FS 100 build-up system was employed. The Floratec drainage boards were installed first, followed by the filter sheet laid onto the boards later. The drainage boards alone are strong enough to build on. The continuous layer of drainage over the entire roof allows unimpeded drainage beneath. The strip foundations indicate footpaths between the plant beds and terraced areas.

The ZinCo System Build-Up:
Landscaping with lawn, shrubs, bushes and trees
System Substrate ?Roof Garden,? 200 - 700 mm
Filter Sheet SF
Floratec FS 100-elements, filled with Zincolit
Insulation Protection Mat ISM 50
Roof system with root resistant waterproofing

Additional thumbnail photos:

During ConstructionAfter ConstructionZinCo System Build-UpThe company owners?private property on this multi species landscaped roof.A circular pergola with its seating acts as a central meeting area.
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