38 Dolores Greenwall
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Project Name: 38 Dolores Greenwall
Year: 2013
Owner: Prado Group
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Building Type: Multi-Use
Type: Living Wall
System: Single Source Provider
Size: 72 sq.ft.
Slope: 100%
Access: Accessible, Private
Submitted by: April Philips, APDW Landscape Architecture

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:
Landscape Architect: APDW Landscape Architecture
Architect: William McDonough + Partners
Architect: BAR Architects
Structural Engineer: Tipping Mar and Associates
Living Wall System: VGM Greenwall Modules, Tournesol Siteworks
Greenwall Plant Supplier: Rana Creek
Landscape Contractor: Valleycrest (Brightview)
Contractor: Webcor
38 Dolores is a socially vibrant, modern, urban habitat at the apex of San Francisco’s most diverse neighborhoods. This mixed-use building has approximately 84 residential units on 8 floors, a large format retail tenant (Whole Foods), parking levels for residential and retail, 3rd floor podium courtyards and a 4th level extensive green roof that incorporates native planting to serve as an endangered butterfly habitat.

The 3rd floor podium courtyards serve as outdoor living spaces for the residents to include an area to grill adjacent to the Community Room with a kitchen and an urban agriculture garden. The project is LEED Gold certified, received SITES Pilot 2 Star Certification and incorporates many unique innovative sustainable features including an Urban Agriculture component.
The 3rd level amenity spaces are comprised of courtyards paved in concrete pavers on structural slab with landscape in raised CIP concrete planters. Main podium level has intensive greenroof gardens with 2,900ft² intensive greenroof, 900 ft.² edible community gardens and 6,900 ft² paved amenity courtyards. They are planted with drought tolerant ornamental species that include intensive planters for the edible garden.

A 72 ft² modular green wall utilizing Tournesol VGM Greenwall modules provides a visual focal point at the main group seating area. To provide shade, trees were located in custom metal tree collars allowing extra depth for roots to establish and extend into the intensive planting areas.

The 4th level showcases a large extensive/semi-intensive green roof planted with native landscape to attract endangered butterflies and pollinators. The 4th level greenroof section was created with the American Hydrotech Garden Assembly and lightweight soil specification, with a depth that varies from 4 inches in thickness at the parapet to 12 inches at the center to provide more soil depth for larger native shrubs in the butterfly habitat.

Aside from the endangered butterfly habitat, other sustainable features of 38 Dolores include rainwater harvesting with a 16,000 gallon cistern and greywater recycling for landscape irrigation and use of eco-intelligent materials. The landscape mitigates storm water management both at the street level with rain gardens and at the roof levels with the greenroofs. 38 Dolores incorporates the City Green Policy for Better Streets and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Stormwater Design Guidelines.

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