Orchard Central Mall Greenwalls
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All Photos Courtesy of Elmich Pte LtdProject Name: Orchard Central Mall Greenwalls
Year: 2009
Owner: Far East Organization
Location: Singapore, Singapore
Building Type: Commercial
Type: Living Wall
System: Single Source Provider
Size: 2207 sq.ft.
Slope: 100%
Access: Accessible, Open to Public
Submitted by: Elmich Pte Ltd

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:
Developer: Far East Organization
Architect: DP Architects Pte Ltd, Singapore
Landscape Architect: DLQ Design Pte Ltd
Landscape Contract Owner: Nature Landscapes Pte Ltd
Green Roof and Green Wall Specialist: Elmich Pte Ltd
Intensive Greenroof System: Elmich Landscape Roof
Modular Greenwall System: Elmich Green Wall
All Photos Courtesy of Elmich Pte LtdAll Photos Courtesy of Elmich Pte Ltd
Orchard Central Mall, situated at the junction of Orchard and Killiney Roads, is Singapore's tallest and first vertical pure-retail mall, overcoming land area limitations with 11 storeys above ground and two basement levels. It has a 160m facade featuring a faceted membrane which functions as a massive media wall, adding visual vibrancy to Orchard Road. The Mall features a unique cluster concept, with shops grouped into eight different clusters according to shoppers' specific needs. Super escalators at the facade take pedestrians right off the street into the various clusters. Orchard Central boasts multiple outdoor viewing areas with a commanding view of Orchard Road, including three outdoor "green" balconies appealing to alfresco food & beverage outlets. The air-conditioned shopping street discovery walk and the rooftop garden are both accessible to the public 24 hours a day.

After a satisfying meal or successful shopping conquest, visitors can also dine alfresco, sip coffee or have afternoon tea, above the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road at the rooftop garden designed by acclaimed Japanese interior designer, Takashi Sugimato of Super Potato Design. The gardens feature three large living walls and balcony rail on the 11th floor and two lower green walls on the 12th floor roof terrace. According to Ms. Lena Quek of DLQ Design Pte Ltd, the firm responsible for the landscaping at Orchard Central mall, "the planted walls complement and create the atmosphere for alfresco dining as well as serve to substantially cool the areas immediately adjacent to the walls."

Orchard Central Mall is a winner of the Singapore Institute of Architects and National Parks Board's (SIA-NParks) Skyrise Greenery Awards in 2009. The award aims to promote skyrise greenery in Singapore and to recognize the greening efforts in high rise developments by owners/developers, architects, landscape architects/designers, and landscape contract managers.

Entries for the award were assessed by a jury comprising representatives from NParks, SIA, Design Council Singapore, National University of Singapore, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects, and Urban Redevelopment Authority. The judges consider landscape factors that enhance Singapore's cityscape and environmental quality, as well as originality, creativity and sustainability of the landscape ideas.
During Installation......and afterwards!
To provide a modular green wall system to enable vertical greening of the series of the three high walls totalling 160 m2, a section of the corridor on the 11th storey, and the two separate lower walls on the 12th storey totalling 45 m2:

Anchoring pilasters were welded onto steel support beams installed onto the walls. Vertical Greening Modules (VGM), comprising a geotextile bag filled with soil-less lightweight planting media were pre-planted in a nursery environment to allow for plant establishment. The VGMs were then encased in metal support frames on-site and mounted onto the pilasters and an automated drip irrigation and fertilization system installed. This green wall system allows easy mounting and dismounting of individual VGMs for design change, maintenance or replacement, if necessary. The green walls complement and create conducive atmosphere for al fresco dining on the rooftop of the Mall.

To provide the landscape roof system including the sub-soil drainage for the landscape roof garden and planter boxes of Orchard Central Mall:

VersiCell sub-soil drainage cells were positioned over the prepared grounds and in planter boxes on the roof followed by a geotextile filter fabric layer and then the planting soil. A network of irrigation tubing is incorporated to facilitate easy delivery of water to the plants. The bottom cavity provided by the drainage cells facilitates the efficient drainage of water preventing water-logging and promoting healthy plant growth.

Additional thumbnail photos:

All Photos Courtesy of Elmich Pte LtdOne of the beautifully landscaped garden roofs and greenwallsA view of one of the greenroofs and two of the greenwalls; All Photos Courtesy of Elmich Pte LtdAll Photos Courtesy of Elmich Pte Ltd
Orchard Central Mall is located at 181 Orchard Rd 238896, Singapore; phone: 6238 0123. Watch the fun Roof Garden 6:01 video of January 3, 2012 about Orchard Central Mall from jph356 on YouTube, offering great 360 degree views of the city along with the beautiful locale. Read the December 31, 2011 GPW: Orchard Central Mall Greenwalls by Linda Velazquez in the Sky Gardens Blog. See the Orchard Central Mall Greenroofs project profile in the Greenroof & Greenwall Projects Database here and see the Orchard Central Mall case study at the Elmich Pte Ltd website. See the Orchard Central Mall as the 2009 Skyrise Greenery Award 1st Prize Winner for Completed Projects from SIA-NParks here.

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