Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof & Rooftop Garden
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The Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof & Rooftop Garden Roof is designed for hurricane resilience; Photos Courtesy of Kevin SongerProject Name: Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof & Rooftop Garden
Year: 2011
Owner: Breaking Ground Contracting
Location: Jacksonville, FL, USA
Building Type: Corporate
Type: Extensive, Test/Research
System: Custom
Size: 1400 sq.ft.
Slope: 1%
Access: Accessible, By Appointment
Submitted by: Kevin Songer, MetroVerde

Designers/Manufacturers of Record:
Green Roof Designer: Kevin Songer, MetroVerde
Greenroof Installation: Jimmy Sterling, C. Sterling Quality Roofing
Solar Photovoltaic System Design & Installation: Sun Works Solar
Waterproofing: Firestone ReflexEON TPO
Drainage: Colbond
Native wildflowers, Coneflower, Gaillardia & Rudbeckia attract pollinators; Photos Courtesy of Kevin SongerPlants rescued from ground level during construction overlook Highway Avenue; Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof & Rooftop GardenHerbs & vegetables grow along rooftop walkways; Photos Courtesy of Kevin Songer
Breaking Ground Education Services provides a variety of training sessions, consulting services, seminars, workshops and presentations on sustainability and safety with a focus on green and LEED building and Green Advantage training, as well as OSHA safety and NCCER instructor and core training.

The purpose of Breaking Ground's living roof is an ongoing sustainability statement through support of wildlife biodiversity, affording economic development, offering educational opportunities to a broad range of people and providing a healthy, organic food alternative in the Urban Core. The green roof project is part of a LEED Registered project through Green Building Certification Institute and is currently on track for LEED Platinum certification. It is also the first green roof in Florida to incorporate native plants, rooftop permaculture and Florida-friendly landscaping.

Breaking Ground Contracting's living roof is comprised of three main component ecosystems, including native wildflowers, shrubs, small trees and an intense permaculture food and herb garden. Corn, peas, peppers, onions, cherry tomatoes and butternut squash are just a few of the edible plants found on the Breaking Ground Green Roof.
BGC?s green roof attenuates & treats rooftop stormwater; Photos Courtesy of Kevin SongerEducational efforts allow Urban Core residents an opportunity to study Green Roofs; Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof & Rooftop Garden
In addition to the green roof, this project also incorporates a 10kW photovoltaic (electric) solar system, a solar thermal (hot water) system, living walls, a rain garden, low and no VOC interior paints and finishes, extensive reuse of materials from the demolition of the original building, high efficiency HVAC system with individual occupant controls, outside views for all occupants, and much much more.

The system is irrigated with condensate from the HVAC units and is designed using hurricane simulator tested components. The green roof soil media averages 40mm in thickness and is integrated with the Firestone ReflexEON TPO roofing material with Colbond three dimensional weave & drainage mat, MetroVerde greenroof soil media and system components. Different soil media were used for the food component, the native wildflower and grasses component and the Florida Friendly Landscape plant component.

The lightweight system averages 10-12 pounds per square foot. C. Sterling Quality Roofing of Jacksonville was the MetroVerde Green Roof System installer.

Additional thumbnail photos:

Nitrogen fixing legumes clean the air & provide fertilizer to vegetables; Photos Courtesy of Kevin SongerNative grasses form wind breaks for interior plantingsThe roof now supports an abundant local honey bee population; Photos Courtesy of Kevin SongerBeneficial plants & insects provide Integrated Pest Management; Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof & Rooftop GardenBGC?s Green Roof overlooks I-10 in Jacksonville, Florida; Photos Courtesy of Kevin Songer
Learn more about the Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof at their blog here, where you can also see the plant list. See the following articles: November 12, 2011 Breaking Ground Green Roof by Ryan Ketterman from Ketterman Photography with gorgeous photos; Linda Velazquez's July 3, 2011 Sky Gardens Blog post GPW: Breaking Ground Contracting Green Roof & Rooftop Garden; April, 2011 Time to Start Bringing Depth Back Into Local Native Diversity by Kevin Songer in Native Plants & Wildlife Gardens and the April 27, 2011 Breaking Ground's Building Now a Jacksonville Example of Green Construction by Kevin Turner in the Florida Times Union. Check out the very cool Interactive, Educational Green Roof Plant Maps about the Breaking Ground greenroof at Kevin's MetroVerde website, where you can select the green roof area where you wish to study the plants growing and click for larger view; contact Kevin Songer at:
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