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For more information about the Private Riverdale, New York, Residence Greenroof contact Amy Trachtman of Goode Greene at: 212.226.6770. Learn more about the following professional service and product providers in The Greenroof Directory: Conservation Technology; Skyland USA (rooflite); and Emory Knoll Farms/Green Roof Plants.

Completed in July, 2008, this Riverdale, New York sedum & wildflower greenroof was designed to be super lightweight to meet the weightload limitations of the structure.

This greenroof system was installed directly on top of a Kemper System root resistant waterproofing membrane and uses Optigruen materials from Conservation Technology. The growing medium is approximately 2″ deep and was supplied by Rooflite. Sedum is from Emory Knoll Farms. The system took two days to install and two days to plant. Given the size, location and other factors for this project, the cost was roughly $15/ft.?


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