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Greened Porch Roof: for aesthetics; to reduce summer roof-radiant heat; to ameliorate stormwater runoff/property drainage issues. Views from 2nd floor and from upper stories of abutting residences; hint of a view from sidewalk/street.

EPDM underlayment; cedar wood 1×4&2×4 framing; landscape filter fabric; (drainage layer omitted due to slope); Planting media:
vermiculite/perlite/peat/coir/lavastone/compost mix 4″ depth; originally planted with sedum varieties & moss. Non-irrigated. Initially planted partial roof area 2004, expanded 2006. Media has compacted to 2″-3″ depth.

Ongoing observation of thrival/survival of other species including volunteers: chive, asters, deptford pink, mullein, potentilla, campion, violets; occasional weeding of undesirables. Challenges: Limited sun exposure from building shadows. Squirrel digging can be problematic.


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