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For more information about the Private Kona Coast Line, HI Residence living wall, contact designers Greg & Terri Lee of 1st Look Exteriors at: The Private Kona Coast Line, HI Residence is featured in the month of January in the 2013 Greenroofs & Walls of the World? Calendar.

Learn about Green Living Technologies International in The Greenroof Directory.

Situated on a private ocean front residence on the Kailua Kona coast within the neighborhood of Kukio Ahupua?a, the property boasts an 18? long x 8? high green living wall. The beautiful project is another first by 1st Look Exteriors and Green Living Technologies International (GLTi) since this was the first living wall to be installed on the Island of Hawaii, also known as the ?Big Island.?

Making this even more unique is the fact that the residence was built and carved into an ancient lava flow from 1801, creating a combination of textures within the pristine setting of the Hawaiian coastline. Installed in May 2012, plants used on the living wall include mixed use tropical and native Hawaiian species such as Bromeliads, ferns, succulents, Crotons, and Liriope.


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