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Visit the Power Smart Village website here.

In February 2010, a pair of 40 sf greenwalls were installed as part of the BC Hydro Power Smart Village in Vancouver. Designed by the IBI Group, and built by Hodgson, King and Marble, the two vegetated walls form part of the exterior cladding for the Home of the Future. Planted with a variety of native ferns, mosses, and colourful perennials; they were on display outside the BC Hydro head office (333 Dunsmuir Street) in Downtown Vancouver throughout the games, and then relocated to a permanent location as part of an educational display.

As an integral part of the Olympic Pavilion, the Home of the Future is built using recycled shipping containers, wrapped in cedar cladding and pine beetle wood, and showcases the latest in home conservation and technology. Included are smart appliances, metering, solar panels, an electric vehicle, and hybrid water heater. The green walls reduce storm water run-off, filter air pollutants, absorb carbon dioxide, and increase the biodiversity of native plants, animals and insects. Green walls also act as a good insulator and shading device, which can significantly reduce annual heating and cooling costs.

This particular installation utilizes aluminum or stainless steel panels, fabricated and pre-vegetated locally, and available in a variety of heights, widths, and depths. Each panel consists of smaller, angled cells, which can accommodate soil and plant material such as tropicals, ornamentals, edible crops, ground covers and grasses. The tilted and perforated cell design allows for free water flow and unlimited root migration, and the interconnecting panel design allows for top-down irrigation, and a totally seamless appearance.


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