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Pieso Poagen, a high end residential green roof, is broken up into 3 separate areas. The roofs are all barrel shaped with slopes in excess of 30 degrees. There is a custom fabricated steel parapet wall that encloses the entire ZinCo green roof build-up. On the steepest slopes (the bottom of the roof edges) the parapet wall is perforated with 1” (25.4 mm) slots that feed to an internal gutter system to insure consistent drainage away from the exterior walls.

On these steeper areas the Georaster®-elements have been placed on the Water Retention Mat WSM 150, starting from below. In the flatter areas above the Georaster®-elements, Floradrain® FD 40-R was installed.
Next, the drainage elements were completely filled with the Zincoblend growing media. In order to obtain a complete green coverage immediately, pre-cultivated vegetation mats were applied on the growing media.

The ZinCo Georaster® system stabilizes 5” (127 mm) of extensive growing media on the steepest sections of the roof and rolls of Floradrain® FD 40-R were used on the “top of the roof barrels” where stabilization was less important, but water retention was critical. The roof utilized pre-cultivated sedum mats that provided nearly 100% coverage on the day of installation and will continue to flourish with a variety of colors as the roof ages.

The green roof integrates the building perfectly into its natural surroundings.


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