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Read the March 28, 2011 Perelman Center’s Roof Goes ‘Green’ by Greg Richter in Penn Medicine. Learn about Roofmeadow in The Greenroof & Greenwall Directory.

This retrofit Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine green roof built on modified bitumen is part of the highly respected University of Pennsylvania Healthcare System. The green roof area is not large, but it is visible to all visitors of the facility from the atrium and the glass elevators which shuttle people from the lobby to the upper floors of the building. Visitors to the facility can sit in a cafe with tables and chairs overlooking the green and wait for their appointments and enjoy the view as they have lunch. The green roof, located by a bank of floor to ceiling windows, helps to moderate the temperature extremes on the roof area and it works to manage stormwater.

The thin assembly supports pre-grown sedum mats interplanted with Festuca glauca. The roof area is sited in a protected nook of the building offering shelter from high winds coming off of the Schuylkill River. This siting allows for the planting of perennial grasses within the much tougher sedum species.


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