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Additional Resources

Visit the Parkside Victoria Resort here. Learn all about Green Living Technologies (GLT) in The Greenroof Directory here. Read about Paradise Cityscapes here: Learn more about the Parkside Victoria Resort’s Green Living Roof from Streamline Enterprises:

In the autumn of 2009, Streamline Enterprises teamed up with Paradise Cityscapes to install the Green Living Roof on the atrium of the Parkside Victoria Resort. The entire 3,000 square-feet was laid by a crew of six in a single day! Pre-vegetated in our Abbotsford nursery, the lightweight, extensive green roof will be the centerpiece of this LEED Platinum building, which is a 126-room mixed-use resort development. Given a few weeks of sunlight and rain, the sedum coverage will increase significantly, completing the “seamless” look of the G.L.T. system.


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