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Read the entire Pace Press article “University?s outdoor spaces offer potential” of October 17, 2009 by Justin Teitell here.
Visit the Pace University Green Roof Project page here. Read about Emory Knoll Farms in The Greenroof Directory here.

Planned for early July, 2006, the project has stalled. “The most prominent area that most NYC (Pace) students think of is fourth floor roof. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) thinks so as well. In 2005, the EPA suggested that the 32,000 square foot roof could be built into a green roof, a project that would benefit both the University and the public. The EPA granted the university a $60,000 grant to conduct the project. Dr. Richard Schlesinger, a professor of biology and health sciences, spearheaded the project and also taught “The Urban Green Roof,” a special topics course.

“The project later fell apart, ?In 2005 the University saw potential for the green roof; they used most of the grant to collect research on the project. They then realized that it would be quite an expensive endeavor including the installation of a membrane required for planting, safety precaution to ensure student safety, they reluctantly gave up the project and returned left over amounts of the grant.? Head of Public information for the University, Christopher Cory said.

“Professor Robert Chapman, Director of the Pace Institute for Environmental & Regional Studies, feels more could be done to utilize the University?s outside space.

?A roof garden would be a wonderful addition to the environmental studies program?providing educational opportunities in botany, green design, climate studies, urban ecology, etc., while improving the environment of lower Manhattan. This was the original intent of the project when it was proposed and accepted by the EPA, (Pace Press, 2009).


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